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Computer Drop-off

Just outside our 24/7 CCTV monitored facility we offer free computer drop-off services during our business hours.
An appointment can be made if assistance is required.

The following material is accepted for recycling:

Computer towers | Flat screen monitors
Speakers | Mice | Keyboards | Scanners | Printers
Circuit boards
Cell phones
Battery back-up units
Apple all in ones

We do NOT accept television sets.

Computer Pick-up

Have a pile growing out of control? We will make sure it gets handled properly. We offer free pick-up services to our commercial customers. All we ask is that it be prepared and ready for pick-up. (Everything unhooked and all hard drives removed for destruction, if applicable.) Industrial or commercial, we will remove it and dispose of it in a clean, professional manner. If you need hard drives destroyed, please see the following section.

Hard Drive/Data Destruction

Don't throw your sensitive data away! We will destroy it for you! We offer competitive rates for your data destruction needs.

Our rates are as follows:

Paper / plastic media is ran through our security disintigrator. Anything put into this machine is virtually turned into a powder. It's light enough to be sucked out through a vacuum into a tub. The output size is less than 1/16th of an inch, and it is pushed through a screen equally as small. Nothing is left. This can consist of CD-ROM / DVD - ROM, Floppy disks, tape drives (most), or any type of paper.

Paper / Plastic media : $0.89/lb
With video of destruction: $1.20/lb

Security disintigrator

Hard drives are all logged per unit, per serial number, with an official document from our company, including the serial number(s) on the certification. This service comes standard with all price levels.

The next step in the process, if required, continues the documenting process with either a picture or video log of the destruction. Following this, the hard drives are split in half. If required, we follow this step with the conclusion of the documenting process.

Hard drive destruction: $5/unit
Destruction with pictures: $8/unit
Destruction with video: $10/unit

Hard drive crushed

Hard drive crushed

Hard drive crushed